About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Buyer or Growth Partner.

BASE Investment Corporation has been in business since 1999. We have evolved into a full-service intermediary business that matches our private equity partners, strategic buyers and private individuals with quality businesses to invest in and grow.

Our Company

Almost all of our partners are large private equity firms with at least $200 million under management with deployable capital to invest in businesses.


Ideally we look for owners that are looking to stay involved and continue to grow the business with the new equity partner, or perhaps a business owner that is looking to retire and leave the family or senior management to continue on.

We also work with large national companies that are well known and are looking to acquire a business that may expand their brand, or expand the use of their current facilities to be more efficient. An example of that may be a large dry food products distributor that asks us to locate them a dry good manufacturing business so that they can expand their offering to national and worldwide clients.

We work for and are compensated, by the partner. We will not ask you, as the business owner, to sign a contract with us and there is no fee involved for you to pay to us. We ask you to be ready to complete a transaction. Make sure you have spoken to your family, your lawyer, your accountant and any key stakeholders so you understand what the impact will be on your life and your bank account, once you complete on a deal. You need the right advice from all of your involved professionals.

Our partners are professional as they invest in businesses for a living and are current on valuations and market conditions. They review hundreds of companies a year to find a small handful to invest in and grow. We are not interested in working with business owners that are not serious in completing a transaction. We pledge to not waste your time and hope that you are not interested in wasting ours.

If you are thinking of  an equity partner for growth, or in need of a buyer for your succession planning, start by talking to your lawyer and your accountant for their guidance on the right structure for a sale, investment and future tax planning. Then, call or email us. There is no cost to you for our services, so it is worth your while to talk us to see if we have the buyer or growth partner you need.

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