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BASE Investment Corporation has been in business since 1999.

Almost all of our partners are large private equity firms with at least $200 million under management with deployable capital to invest in businesses. Ideally we look for owners that are looking to stay involved and continue to grow the business with the new equity partner, or perhaps a business owner that is looking to retire and leave the family or senior management to continue on.

We also work with large national corporations that are looking to acquire a business that may help them expand their brand, or expand the use of their current facilities to be more efficient. An example of that may be a large dry food products distributor that asks us to locate them a dry good manufacturing business so that they can expand their offering to national and worldwide clients.

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They consistently find attractive investment opportunities for us and their methodical follow up with sellers gives my team significant leverage in our business development efforts.


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Ask yourself these questions before you start the process:

  1. What do you want to do when you retire?
  2. How much longer do you want to work in your business?
  3. Are you looking to grow and expand or just sell?
  4. Do you have family members that are active in the business and do they know your plans?
  5. Have you a clear time frame in mind and have you discussed this plan with your accountant and your lawyer?
  6. Are you currently active day to day in the business and if you are looking to retire, who will step in?

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